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Let Business Planning Resource Network’s Expertise Help Propel Your Company’s Success

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¬† Featured in the May/June ’16 issue of ColoradoBiz Magazine¬†

Business Planning Resource Network, LLC was established by business advisors and planners to offer direct online access to the critically important planning tools necessary for business owners to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Determining what a business is worth is a key lynch pin in any business planning process. Business Planning Resource Network has a simplified online business valuation process that provides a fast and cost efficient way to deliver a valuation to the owner.

The Affordable Care Act has put a huge expanding administrative burden on both small and large employers. A new generation of IT solutions offers a tailored, simplified, paperless, and streamlined solution to employee administration, as well as to payroll and HR management.

Business Succession and Estate Planning are planning processes that evolve over the life of the business, and they seek to lock down the business value as it grows and is eventually sold or transitioned to the next generation of ownership. Business Planning Resource Network works with a team of advisors dedicated to help the business owner realize the full potential of the business, by helping to establish a comprehensive exit strategy.

Key Man Insurance is an often-overlooked financial tool that protects the business against the financial loss of a key employee due to a death or disability. It can be an effective tool in covering liquidity needs of a corporation to cover significant negative impact on revenue, corporate debt, or loss of operational continuity in the event of death or disability of the business owners or partners.

EZpayworkerscomp is an evolving marketplace solution to managing the cost burden that businesses face when paying the monthly premiums for workers compensation. A pay-as-you-go solution has arrived with payroll integration, with a one-and-done seamless approach for business owners to efficiently pay their workers compensation premiums, eliminate costly down payments, and face difficult yearly audits based on fluxing payroll estimates. Companies can now pay their workers compensation premium costs in real time, coordinated with their payroll, and leave the hassles behind.

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